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Teaching Support

Teaching Support

Learning is a Team Effort.

By enrolling in Gateway Virtual Academy, your family will become part of a solid Learning team. Team members include Gateway Academy school administration, the Instructional Coach(es), you - the Learning Guide, and your student. When all team members are actively fulfilling their roles, students benefit and thrive academically.

Timely Feedback Drives Student Learning Forward.

Instructional Coaches who are certified teachers provide purposeful, relevant, and timely feedback on assessments. Instructional coaches will review your child's assessments weekly. Learning Guides and students alike benefit from the personalized feedback that include words of encouragement as well as ideas on improvements.

Day-to-day Support

As the Learning Guide, you will review daily objectives with your child, prepare materials for the day's lessons, monitor task completion and pacing and provide direction and assistance as needed. Teaching tips are provided in Grades K-8 to assist you, the parent, in guiding your child through day-to-day lessons and help your child achieve academic success. These tools are designed to help you guide and track your child's performance. You can undertake your role with confidence knowing you are fully supported by a team of certified teachers who are available via phone or email.

Learn More about Gateway Virtual Academy K-12

Call 573-472-2581 now to speak with a Gateway Virtual Academy staff member. Ready to enroll? Visit our enrollment page to begin the enrollment process.